A Guide to Using, Mastering and Maximizing AdWords

“Optimizing AdWords” Now Available!

New book provides much needed overview of Google ad capabilities
along with tips for improving ads and growing campaigns.

Every book about AdWords tells you how to set-up a simple search ad and run it, but a book that tells you what to do when your ad does not bring traffic to your site is another matter.

Finally, that book exists: Optimizing AdWords!

Optimizing AdWord

Optimizing AdWords

Written by Paige Miller, president and owner of MultiPlanet Marketing, a Philadelphia-based agency specializing in technology marketing, the book hits bookstores and book sites this week.  Routledge UK, the UK division of Taylor & Francis, is publisher, and distribution is international.

“I wrote this book with small business owners, chief marketing offices and students in mind,” said Miller. “They need to know what AdWords can do, so they can plan and manage campaigns. Not everyone gets the best results from search ads .”

Miller thoroughly tames the unruly, sprawling, AdWords application. Her style is straightforward and simple. She provides an overview of AdWords ad formats, which virtually no other book, nor Google itself, provides. She covers the basics for getting started but goes on to explain how to using advanced features and how to grow your campaign. In addition, she offers a list of considerations for improving ads that perform badly.

The book includes lots of screenshots and white space. Her crisp writing style, abundant use of bullets, and keen organizational skills make the book easy to read and reference.

With 20 years in software development, 16 years in marketing and over 3-years of intense study and use of AdWords, Miller provides a unique understanding of Google AdWords.

This book makes the job of advertising on Google easier for all of us. You can buy it at Barnes and Noble and online at many book sites, including Amazon.

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