A Guide to Using, Mastering and Maximizing AdWords

AdWords – Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) let you advertise hundreds of online products without writing individual ads for each product. DSAs serve as a reminder to searchers that your store has the product they seek. Thus, DSAs build brand awareness, as well as bring traffic to your website.

In a nutshell, here’s how DSAs work.

  • When a searcher enters a query, AdWords determines whether you have a webpage using the query term or a similar term in the URL. If so, AdWords treats the words in your URL like keywords and enters your ad in the auction.
  • If you win the auction, AdWords constructs a headline using the searcher’s query term and adds the generic description you provided along with your URL.
  • You use keyword insertions to make the searcher’s own query term appear in your ad and, presumable, make the searcher more receptive to your ad.

Searcher’s query term:

robust coffee

Ad shows query word:
URL selected by AdWords:
generic copy, line 1:
generic copy, line 2:

Big robust coffee sale
Now through May 1
Free Shipping. Try it today!

DSAs are a good choice for you if you offer many products, every product has its own page and you run frequently changing sales and seasonal promotions. Many major retailers use DSAs for their e-commerce sites.

  • DSAs are not a good fit for unique or customizable products, since many search terms may only partly describe your product and, consequently, leave searchers disappointed. Search Network ads where you describe the product in more detail are more effective
  • You can specify that all your webpages are eligible to support DSAs or you can specify a subset of webpages based on a product category, a URL, the HTML page title or a set of words that appear in the content.
  • DSAs do not compete with other search ads you are running within the same Ad Group with one exception: when price and match-type are equal between a DSA and a regular Search Ad, the ad with the higher quality score is used. (Note that AdWords treats DSA keywords as broad or partial match-types.)

With DSA ads, you must continually build your negative keyword list, so only the most relevant search terms trigger your ad. In contrast, DSAs can help you find keywords you may never have considered.

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