A Guide to Using, Mastering and Maximizing AdWords

AdWords – Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) let you advertise hundreds of online products without writing individual ads for each product. DSAs serve as a reminder to searchers that your store has the product they seek. Thus, DSAs build brand awareness, as well as bring traffic to your website.

In a nutshell, here’s how DSAs work.

When a searcher enters a query, AdWords determines whether you have a…

AdWords: Six Ways to Use Display Network Ads

Use Display Network ads if your marketing objective is to:

Generate leads, reach new groups of prospects, or spread the word about special events and sales promotions. Display Network ads are attractive for lead generation because people reading about a topic related to your product often respond to an ad offering more information about that topic. Further, the ads are inexpensive in…

AdWords: Four Steps to Success

AdWords Success!!

Make these the four major components of your AdWords strategy. Save time. Make more money.

Learn about your prospects, your market and AdWords by using Search Ads first. Search Ads are usually the cheapest ads available.
Fine-tune your ads and keywords until visitors are buying (called converting). Introduce Display Network ads to gain more visibility. Use AdWords Experiments to…

“Optimizing AdWords” Now Available!

Optimizing AdWord

New book provides much needed overview of Google ad capabilities
along with tips for improving ads and growing campaigns.
Every book about AdWords tells you how to set-up a simple search ad and run it, but a book that tells you what to do when your ad does not bring traffic to your site is another matter.

Finally, that book exists: Optimizing AdWords!

Written by Paige Miller,…

Growth Rate of Social Media

The growth rate of social media is frankly astounding. Watch this…

3 Business Benefits of Social Media for Software Companies

People often ask me about the benefits of a social media. If your business is going to invest in something, you want to know what you get in return, right? Basically, social media offer several benefits.

First, social media helps your search engine ranking. The bigger your website, the better your search engine ranking. Most software companies don’t have extremely large website. Socia…

5 Strategic Marketing Insights from Amazon

5 Strategic Marketing Insights from Amazon

Most people think of Amazon as an e-commerce site where you buy books. But, actually, they are a major player in (1) retailing, (2) e-commerce development (3) inventory outsourcing, (4) advertising, and (5) IT hosting.

What can we learn from Amazon? Plenty.

1. Over the last few years, we watched as Amazon moved from online bookstore to online e-book, Kindle and Kindle Fire tablet…

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